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This website is a service provided by the Boston University School of Public Health. It was developed with clinical consultation from medical faculty at Boston University School of Medicine.

This website does not provide a diagnosis of alcohol/drug abuse or dependence. It cannot tell people for certain whether or not they have a problem. Rather, DrugScreening.org is a self-screening tool to help adults assess their own drug and alcohol use, and find out their likely risk level for experiencing harms to their health or other negative consequences. Through education and referral, it urges those whose drug and alcohol use is likely to be harmful or hazardous to seek further evaluation from a qualified professional.

Drug and alcohol misuse and dependence are major public health problems, resulting in more than 100,000 deaths per year in the United States and costing the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Drug and alcohol problems are a major cause of injuries, violent crime, lost productivity at work and school, family and social problems, injuries, and disease.

Scientific research has shown that screening and brief intervention (SBI) can be effective in prompting people whose substance use is risky or harmful to reduce their use, stop, and/or seek treatment. Research to date on Internet-based SBI, while preliminary, points to significant potential to effectively reach many more individuals than can be physically screened in health care settings and other offline encounters. While no online tool can take the place of individual advice from a qualified professional, online screening is a valuable guide for understanding one's drug and alcohol use and the potential health issues involved with it.

The assessment questionnaire used on this website is based on the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST), developed by the World Health Organization to screen for harmful or hazardous substance use.

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